TBM Technology Consulting, LLC has technical expertise in security policy, engineering, and integration into commercial and government networks.


Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced on cyber engineering programs to design, evaluate, and implement enterprise-wide cyber security solutions for network defense protecting numerous domains and millions of users.

Cyber Solutions Capabilities

  • System Development (Phased System Engineering Process)
  • System Integration (Commercial and Government Off-the-Shelf products)
  • Multi-Tiered Engineering support
    o Tier 1 – Help Desk
    o Tier 2 – In-depth and System Administration
    o Tier 3 – Subject Matter Expert (SME) in both products and service
    o Tier 4 – External SME’s
  • Program Technical Support
    o Information Technology (IT) Program and Project Managers
    o Requirements development and management
    o Data gathering and analysis
    o Laboratory build and maintenance
    o Prototyping
    o Testing and Evaluation
    o Technical Documentation
    o Network transport architecture design and build out (routers, switches, firewalls, crypto)
    o Cyber security solutions (Web Proxies, Email Security Appliances, packet capture devices, log aggregators, intrusion prevention devices, Web Application Firewalls, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, Domain Name Service (DNS) protection, behavior analysis solutions, and Host Based Security Solutions (HBSS)